VENUS, 1/5 Scale.
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'VENUS', 1/5 Scale.


$125.00 USD.


Five pieces total. Viscose hair is included.

Supplied unpainted, and unassembled. Almost 16 inches tall, fully assembled.




If you think gluing the hair on is a bit beyond your skill level, remember you can always replace it with a pre-made doll wig. Some of them are very nice, ranging in both quality and price.

Also, another thing I want to mention, this requires use of an airbrush. It can be a bit tricky. It also requires sanding away mold lines and patching the joints with putty. hence, a rather high skill level. If you've made resin models before, you will find this a bit of a gem, if you havnt, and this is your first time, I honestly wouldn't recommend buying this. (Im not trying to discourage you, I just don't want you to get frustrated.)



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