Q: Do you accept commissions? A: No.
Q: Do you offer a painting service? A: No. They are supplied unpainted, and unassembled.
Q: What are they made out of? A: The majority of them are made out of 'white metal', or sometimes called 'pot metal', which is a metal alloy consisting primarily of tin, zinc, lead and magniseum. ( Think 'tin soldiers' grandpa used to play with when he was younger.) A few of them due to design issues, are cast in thermal-set resin.
Q: Where are they made? A: Most of them are spin-cast into metal at a production studio in England, a few of them in resin are cast locally here in California.
Q: Can some of them be special ordered? A: No. All retail orders are based on stock-on-hand availability, on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, you can be notified via email when items have been restocked.
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