HERA, 1/5 Scale.

'Hera', 1/5 Scale.


$125.00 USD.


Eight pieces total. Viscose hair is included.

Supplied unpainted, and unassembled. Almost 16 inches tall, fully assembled.


*The silk flowers are not included, but you can find them at any floral/craft/hobby store. Twisted wire is what was used for the crown. In the picture, I will admit I made the hair a bit wild and untamed.

(And I may have gotten a bit carried away with the lighting.)

*There is also an ankh necklace choker that is unseen in the photographs, that is used to hide the joint where the head attaches to the body.


If you think gluing the hair on is a bit beyond your skill level, remember you can always replace it with a pre-made doll wig. Some of them are very nice, ranging in both quality and price.

Also, another thing I want to mention, this requires use of an airbrush. It can be a bit tricky. It also requires sanding away mold lines and patching the joints with putty. Hence, a rather high skill level. If you've made resin models before, you will find this a bit of a gem, if you haven't, and this is your first time, I honestly wouldn't recommend buying this. (Im not trying to discourage you, I just don't want you to get frustrated.)



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