As year two has drawn to a close, now into year three there's a lot in the works, but here's the basics:


-New designs on the 54mm & 80mm scale. -Due to a high level of requests, the original 160mm designs are being re-editioned. -New 1/35 scale WWII Supernatural designs are being produced, and are currently underway.


Originally, we started out with Kinbaku & Shibari designs on the 32mm scale, sold locally to denizens in and around the San Francisco Bay area in an event locally known as Folsom Street Fair. One day not too long ago, it occurred to me; everyone that I had met and became friends with, on the subject of Dungeons & Dragons/Gaming, it wasn't a matter of who has, but rather who hasn't played D&D. Finding that almost the entire crowd had at least some level of nerdiness, I put two and two together: Kinbaku & Shibari + minis. And walla! Almost instant success.

That was year one, and now with the momentum gained, dabbling in new genres is now underway.

This all started out as a side project, and has since begun to steadily gain steam. In addition to minis, enough people have asked for larger werks, that the 80mm and 160mm scale now being explored. In time, this site will eventually subdivide into two distinctly, separate sites; one simply for 'fun things to collect and paint, from 32mm up to 1/5 scale, and another separate site dedicated solely to 28mm gaming minis. But for the time being, everything has been brought under one roof.

Also, for the time being, stock is still unfortunately, considerably low, and alas subject to availability. It has been a double-edged sword unfortunately, it always seems that just as soon as we restock, well gosh darn-it, they almost just as soon sell out. So to alleviate the stocking issue, in the new year we will begin sending out newsletters when items have been restocked.


*Payments for the time being, are still being handled through Paypal, although we are quickly outgrowing that as well. Sometime in the new year, we will be upgrading to a full, eCommerce website, catering to any form of payment.


So have a look around, now into year three, with almost seventy designs total now being produced, things are definitely beginning to gain steam...




Categories are as listed below...


(New Stuff.)

(New Stuff.)

More to come still, later...